Wire Lounge Sofa
Overgaard & Dyrman
47.24” W x 23.23” D x 27.95” H / Seat height: 16.14” H
Please call us at 212.645.2216
The Wire Collection finds inspiration in traditional saddlery and metalwork, and challenges the synergy and contrast in the use of materials. The honesty in genuine materials and the balance between functionality, ergonomics and manufacturing define Wire and reflect its purpose.
The Wire Collection comes in a black-coated steel frame or in a semi satin chrome plated steel frame. The upholstery front is made in Yellowstone, Matstone or Elegance leather from Sorensen Leather. Both types are beautiful leathers, but with specific and differing specifications. The back is in 3,5 mm full-grain leather.
lead time
12 weeks

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Wire Lounge Sofa