Vint Armchair
25.2” D x 22” W
Back height: 29.9”
Seat height: 17.7”
Arm height: 25.6”
Please call us at 212.645.2216
The Vint collection, designed by Andrés Bluth, is one of this year's new ranges. The biggest challenge in designing Bivaq’s new Vint collection was creating a product which was suitable for both minimalist and contemporary settings, as well as more rustic and informal spaces. References to the formal styles of the 50’s and 60’s are evident in this collection. Tapered tubing, combinations of round and rectangular sections; a formal language transferred from the wood to the aluminium. As such we created a neo-retro piece, a reinterpretation of something already existing. The cushions, covered with either mass-coloured acrylic fabric or vinytex (made from polyester and PVC), contain a waterproof layer. All materials used are suitable for outdoor use, and are resistant to weathering and sunlight. Thanks to the design, construction technology and materials used, the strength of the Vint collection allows for intensive use in both public facilities and private housing.
lead time
10-12 weeks

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Vint Armchair