Twinfire Modern Stove
Basic: 16"d x 18"w x 48"h
Solo: 16"d x 18"w x 44"h
Classic: 16"d 22"w x 52"h
Elegance: 16"d x 19"w x 50"h
Pur: 16"d x 19"w x 51"h
Please call us at 212.645.2216
Originally designed by two German Engineers as a way to provide an efficient burning method and minimize pollution in third world countries, the xeoos Twinfire has a life of its own as a remarkable, hand-made woodburning product that clearly exceeds industry standards. It comes in five models: Basic, Solo, Classic, Elegance, and Pur. All models utilize the unique double-chamber combustion system for effective (93% efficient), environmentally friendly wood burning capacity, and are EPA certified and approved to UL/ULC standards. Available with a silver door, natural or black handle, steel sides/top in silver, black, stainless, or optional panels in ruby, copper, bronze.
lead time
6-12 weeks or 2-6 weeks depending on customization choices

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Twinfire Modern Stove