Stromboli Modern Freestanding Fireplace
19"d x 26"w x 42"h
Steel version: 4,440
Tile version: 5,710
Stone version:5,710
Using ergonomic intelligence and pacesetting style savvy, the Romotop designer Vlastislav Vyborny fast-forwards traditional ceramic hearths into aesthetic technology products of the 21st century. Sleek curves, advanced engineering, and flawless performance are the essence of these wood burning fireplaces. Romotop approaches design the same way European auto makers approach high-performance sports cars. The oval Stromboli floats on a pedestal and may be turned up to 360° so the panorama of flames can be enjoyed anywhere in the room. With the glass window over 16” wide and nearly 20” high, the viewing area is one of the largest and combined with an effective airwash system, it insures that the glass always stays clean. Available in steel, tile, and stone.
lead time
6-12 weeks

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Stromboli Modern Freestanding Fireplace