Stone Men Sculpture
Bobby O'Neill
The works vary in size from 7"-21" high and 5"- 12" wide. Contact Karkula for specific dimensions.
$80- $800 depending on size.
Created by the New York artist, Bobby O'Neill, each Man is created from stones found on his Yulan New York property on the shore of a lake. The artist begins his process with a stone that has a particular "facial" expression that will become the head of the form. O'Neill associates personalities to each Stone Man by this face and builds the body that assumes a posture of cockiness, wonderment of the Universe, demureness, or implacability. These are ancient Men that have pushed themselves up from deep within the lakeside soil to be pieced back together by the hands of O'Neill. The untreated stones are drilled and connected with steel rods to assure their position for years to come. Suitable for interior or exterior use.
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All pieces are in stock and available for immediate delivery.

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Stone Men Sculpture