Phoenix Modern Wood Stove
85(s): 25"d x 37"w x 65"h
95(m): 25"d x 41"w x 65"h
120(l): 25"d x 51"w x 65"h
85(s): 8,460
95(m): 9,200
120(l): 9,680
The Phenix Green series are available in three models: the 85 (small), 95 (medium), and 120 (large. The technological advances along with low CO2 and particulate emissions makes the Phenix Green fireplace an ecologically friendly product. All models include these special features: zero-clearance for ease of installation, multi-ducting capability, which enables heat transfer in up to 6 additional rooms, a linear, seamless steel glass window frame, an upward lifting/forward tilting door feature that make it easy to clean the glass viewing window, and a Class A chimney system. The Phenix Green series stands out as a contemporary zero-clearance built-in fireplace that allows for maximum fire viewing, high efficiency, and high quality standards.
lead time
2-6 weeks

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Phoenix Modern Wood Stove