Pantagruel table
29.5” table height x 57.5” table diameter / 17.7” seat height x 89.4” diameter
Please call us at 212.645.2216
Designed by Dirk Wynants

20 years ago Extremis started with their first piece Gargantua. The Gargantua table has a huge tabletop and is even extendable by putting the benches at table top height. The second generation Pantagruel is not a better version of Gargantua, just different. The frame comes powder coated as well as galvanized, and there are several material options for the fixed benches and tabletop. It also features a Lazy Susan to easily pass through things. Customers can now make a choice between those two, according to the expected intensity and required flexibility of use. There's no perfect table for everyone, in those 20 years we've learnt that each person has a different focus.
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Pantagruel table