Optifire Built-in Fireplace
19"d x 34"w x 28"h
Flat screen: 4,500
Curved screen: 5,820

The Optifire zero-clearance built-in  fireplace is powerful with clean lines. This fireplace is a perfect match for use in new construction of contemporary and streamlined interiors. A push for the environment, the Optifire has over 70% fuel efficiency, higher combustion temperatures, and lower atmospheric emissions. Powerfully heating up to 50,000 BTUs, it has an automatic thermostat that can be used for regulating heat output. An optional 260-cfm variable speed fan can be used to circulate warm air throughout the room. The Optifire is available either with a sleek “flat screen” door or a convex style curved door that broadens your viewing area (this is especially nice in a corner installation).

lead time
2-6 weeks

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Optifire Built-in Fireplace