Musa Modern Pellet Stove
22"d x 23"w x 45"h
Standard: 3,600
Multiair: 3,980
Wittus pellet stoves are manufactured by MCZ Group SpA in Italy. These are arguably the smartest, most fuel efficient, and easiest to use stoves on the market. They start up with the touch of a button and quietly bring your room to the desired temperature. Every model is thermostatically controlled and fully programmable. The Suite model is a larger 40,000 BTU input stove. Because of the extremely high efficiency of the system it will out-perform other stoves with similar input, saving fuel time and money. It can also be ordered as a 44,000 BTU Multi-air model with the ability to duct heat to other rooms and even to lower floors of the home. This stove allow you to duct heat through walls to rooms up to 25’ away. The slender and understated Musa comes with steel side panels in bordeaux, white, black, or silver
lead time
2-6 weeks

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Musa Modern Pellet Stove