HeadHat / Ceramic and Metallic
Santa & Cole
Canopy Ø 4.3 x 2.3” H
Small white ceramic lampshade Ø5.5 x 3.5" H
Large white ceramic lampshade Ø7.8 x 4.7" H
Small white metallic lampshade Ø13.8 x 3.5" H
Medium white metallic lampshade Ø19.6 x 3.9" H
Large white metallic lampshade Ø29.5 x 4.3" H
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Designed by Santa & Cole Team

A flexible set of hanging lamps with shades (Hats) of differing sizes and materials that give multiple uses to an ingenious light capsule (Head), forming a simple system with a minimalist and flexible design that gives great warmth to LED lighting. Its interchangeable, modular components and technology make this a product with a long life cycle and easy to recycle. HeadHat fosters good heat dissipation, a lighting experience without glare and is straightforward for users to set up. The first five models are made from two ceramic and three aluminium shades, which will be added to in the future.
lead time
8 weeks

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HeadHat / Ceramic and Metallic