Etna Modern Freestanding Fireplace
23" x 39" x 58"h
With an upward flourish and organic, curvaceous architecture, the Etna truly commands attention. The sculptural tiles are manufactured and designed to retain and slowly release heat into the room.The Etna is the winner of the 2007 ADEX Top Platinum Award for design and innovation. The body and face of the Etna is made of high-grade steel in gray. It has a huge 19” x 16” fire window that glides effortlessly up and down via a silent counterweight system. A push-button finger latch releases the door outward for ease of cleaning. It heats up to 38,000 BTUs; or about 1,900 square feet. Top or back vented. The high-fired custom-cast ceramic tiles serve to absorb heat from the fire and then slowly release it over time. Maintenance of enameled tiles is very practical as well. Tile is available in 30 different color choices.
lead time
6-12 weeks

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Etna Modern Freestanding Fireplace