Ego Modern Pellet Stove
21"d x 20"w x 42"h
bordeaux, white, black, or silver steel: 2,900
stainless steel: 3,220
MCZ’s innovative Active System instantly adjusts the combustion air to compensate for minor variations in pellet size and density. The stove determines the perfect amount of air to obtain the best possible combustion in any installation configuration. It monitors the internal functions and the LCD display provides valuable information to keep your stove running at peak performance. No doubt about it, this is a smart system! Other features include: pre-programmed user selections; self-cleaning burner box; easily removable ash drawer; large hopper capacity; gentle flame patterns for enjoyable viewing; and quiet operation to give you a stove that is a joy to own and operate. Manufactured in Italy, all models are EPA certified and meet UL safety standards. Operation of the stoves is managed by the top mounted user-friendly control panel or an optional remote control. The Ego model is available with sleek metal side panels in a choice of bordeaux, white, black, silver or stainless steel.
lead time
2-6 weeks

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Ego Modern Pellet Stove