Cubic Modern Wood Stove
215(l): 17"d x 19"w x 85"h
166(m): 17"d x 19"w x 65"h
109(s): 17"d x 19"w x 43"h
Wall: 18"d x 19"w x 28"h
W200: 17"d x 79"w x 30"h
215(l): 5,990
166(m): 5,310
109(s): 4,870
Wall: 4,870
W200: 6,730
The Cubic series brings about a new generation of wood burning fire. Among the five models of varying sizes, some are floor models and others are directly attached on the wall. Minimal, yet sophisticated and contemporary, the unique Cubic series were designed by the Danish architect Anders Nørgaard. All the models utilize the same highly efficient, fire box and are EPA certified and UL/ULC approved. The thermal “air wash” system constantly self-cleans the clear glass fire door to keep it practically sootfree. The “cool” door handle is nearly invisible, yet it has finger-tip control for ease of opening and closing. Higher fuel efficiency, higher combustion temperatures, and lower atmospheric emissions make burning wood a “green” thing and an environmentally responsible addition to your home.
lead time
W200 will take 6-12 weeks, all other versions will take 2-6 weeks

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Cubic Modern Wood Stove