Bocci 44 Series
Each piece varies in dimension based on each project's needs.
General Budget for production and installation starts at $50,000. per project.
The elaborate crenulated form of the 44 Series is created by a free pour of molten aluminium into a large canister filled with rock-like modules of resin-impregnated sand, a waste product of conventional sand casting. As the molten flows through the negative space between the granules it forms a unique structure particular to each and every element of the 44 series. Low voltage electricity is transmitted through the castings through a time consuming process which allows a light source to be suspended between them without the use of electrical cables as the aluminum form itself conducts the electrical current. These large scale sculptures are made to order and require several months to design and create.  Installation by the Bocci team is required for each project due to the complexity of the design.
lead time
10-12 weeks. (Available 09.2017)

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Bocci 44 Series