Blanco White
Santa & Cole
C1 (box) - 8.7” W x 8.7” D x 8.7” H
R2 (table) - 23.6” W x 7” D x 11.8” H
R3 (table) - 32.7” W x 6.” D x 8” H
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Designed by Antoni Arola

BlancoWhite was born as a series of four models of essential shapes, usable as tabletop bookcases, lighting shelves or lighting composition systems, called to play a leading role in our daily lives. A new form of lighting, it immediately convinces the user through its quality and technology. BlancoWhite manages to domesticate LED lighting and to make the best of its energetic advantages, in favour of a non-aggressive, warm lighting.
lead time
8 weeks

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Blanco White