Blanco White wall lamp
Santa & Cole
C1 (wall rotating) - 9.8” W x 10.9” D x 4.3” H
C1 (wall rotating with 11.9” scene) - 9.7” W x 10.9” D x 4.3” H
R1 (wall) - 19.8” W x 5.6” D x 4.3” H
R1 (wall rotating) - 20.8” W x 6.2” D x 4.3” H
Please call us at 212.645.2216
BlancoWhite has a collection of wall lamps that fully harness the advantages of a thin LED plate. It comes in square and rectangular, either fixed or directional, and in two colors (graphite and white). The C1 model can also incorporate a metallic red sheet (enquire for other colors) to give a nuanced, personalized lamp (Wall Scene).
lead time
8 weeks

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Blanco White wall lamp