Bern Modern Rug
WC Flooring
Custom sizes available for all styles. Maximum Dimension: 20' x 50'
$38.-48. psf. Custom sizes available for all styles. Please call for pricing.
The Bern Collection has a luxe aesthetic and a minimalist personality.Made of 100% hand loomed Tencel. Tencel, made of wood cellulose, is one of the most environmentally and sustainable regenerated fibers. The Bern Collection is a well
constructed, cost-effective, high performance flooring. Express lead times and extensive customization options add to its popularity. The versatile solids can be used to create visual dimension, while remaining neutral. Additional bold and custom color options offer the capability to make a strong visual statement in an otherwise neutral setting.
lead time
8-10 weeks. Can be expedited for an additional charge.

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Bern Modern Rug