Orb Ceramics
Anthony Biancoviso
3"-8" high x 3"-8" wide
Set of 3 Orbs- $460, Set of 5 Orbs- $760
Low fire ceramic forms lovingly created by the New York ceramist, Anthony Biancoviso. The two series, Morandi Forms and Orbs, are pounded, slapped, and caressed into singular forms. Biancoviso subtly colors the collection with various tones of gray and black by adding organic materials to the firing process such as pine cones and local field grasses. No two are alike. The surface is a combination of smoothed and lightly waxed, coarse and gritty or cracked and bursting from within. The Morandi Forms are sold in sets of three while the two Orb Families are sold in sets of three or five. Each piece is individually signed by the artist and is meant to be held in the palm like a ripe fruit or a seaside pebble warmed by the sun.
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Orb Ceramics