76 Series Sconce/Ceiling
5" diameter x 2.75" high (varies slighting)
1 pendant $475-$21600. for 36 pendants. Call for additional pricing.
Bocci's head designer Omer Arbel pushes the boundaries of glass by experimenting with new and unusual ways to shape glass in its various molten stages. The latest series, 76, incorporates a copper mesh in the process. A vacuum is created during the formation of each individual form that causes the molten glass to be pulled through the small openings in the copper mesh which creates the lovely interior 3D pattern which refracts the light as it passes through the form. Available as a sconce or ceiling pendant. Lamping details: 1 watt, 12v, 45 lumens, 2500 kelvin, Beam Angle: 180°
lead time
4-6 weeks (available 09.2017)

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76 Series Sconce/Ceiling