60/40 Bowls
Nonna Hall
Low Bowl- 5"h x 12"ø
High Bowl- 7.5"h x 8"ø
$110 plus shipping
The 60/40 Bowls are made of Stoneware which has a lovely granulated texture and earthy soil like brown color that is pleasing to the touch and eye.
Designed by John Erik Karkula in collaboration with Nonna Hall a New York state ceramist, the bowls are available in two sizes, low/wide and high/narrow. Each 60/40 bowl is hand formed one at a time on the wheel by Nonna who then applies a matte black glaze to the exterior. The low/wide bowl has 60% of its external surface glazed in black and the high/narrow bowl is glazed on 40% of its surface allowing a mutually appreciative conversation between the two forms. The interior of each bowl is food safe and is glazed with a complementary colored satin finish, the low/wide bowl in a sage blue green and the high/narrow bowl in a ochre bamboo tone that offers a surprise to the more sedate exteriors of each form. All items are in stock for immediate delivery.
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60/40 Bowls