57 Series
Pendant ranges from 4" - 6"
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57 is an exploration of a technique of making analogous to that used for producing closed cell foam. The process involves trapping voids of air of different sizes and configurations within a glass matrix, yielding a shape loosely referencing a rain cloud. These pockets of air remain invisible when the piece is off, but come alive to reveal an interior universe when the piece is illuminated. By virtue of the fabrication process, each piece made is completely unique from any other piece even produced.

57 is a blown white and clear glass pendant dipped in coloured glass which houses a low voltage or replaceable, dimmable, proprietary LED lamp. Individual pendants have a spatial presence on their own, but their strength lies in the ability to cluster them very close together in cloud-like formations.

Price and dimensions: see following pages
lead time
8 weeks

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57 Series