19 Series Brass Bowls
Available in 3 sizes, Inner dimension: , or
11" bowl - $4500, bowl - 21"bowl-$12000, 31.5" bowl - $28000
Designed by Omer Arbel.  The 19 series is an exploration of sand casting technique.  Essentially a shape is pressed into sand to create a void, and metal is then poured into the void.  Some overspill is a by-product of this process, which is typically cleaned up after production and removed.  Instead in the 19 series the overspill is left and becomes a part of each piece.  The brass overflows around the perimeter of the bowl in a completely unpredictable manner, making each piece completely unique from any other ever made.

As a contrast to the overspill which oxidizes instantly, the bowl is polished to a near-mirror finish.
lead time
3 weeks, if not in stock

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19 Series Brass Bowls