14 Series Pendant
4" diameter cast glass sphere.Chandeliers available in 1-36 pendants for standard configurations, custom sizes available.
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Designed by Omer Arbel. The classic 14 Series fixture is the first lighting fixture designed for the Bocci collection. Designed to be clustered in random masses, the 14 Series challenges common concepts of a chandelier. The main fixture is made of cast glass in two half spheres that house either a low voltage halogen (120v, 10watt halogen/xenon) or a replaceable LED lamp, both of which are dimmable. Each sphere is a unique item with its own bubble arrangement and slightly irregular form.
Available in a single fixture or groupings in the hundreds, the light passing through the bubbled interior of the glass sphere creates a light similar to candle light. Each globe is suspended by a thin steel coaxial cable (18 gquge) that both supports and allows for the transmission of electricity. For Single to 7 pendant fixtures, the cable is connected to the canopy with a cable length that can be set or re-set by user using an Allen key. For 14 -36 pendants, fixture is installed using head phone jack hardware which plugs into canopy. When ordering fixture, customer provides longest and shortest drop and other lengths in between are determined by Bocci to provide the most pleasing proportions.

14 Series now comes in an outdoor version.
lead time
10 business days for standard fixtures. 6-8 weeks for custom fixtures.

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14 Series Pendant